Part 1 of Megan Maylor's story.

The Dangerous MiraclesEdit

Once Upon a Time. in New york city. There's a House Where seven Jewel Fairies lived. They are the Moonstone Fairy India the Moonstone Fairy. the Garnet Fairy Scarlett the Garnet Fairy. the Emerald Fairy Emily the Emerald Fairy. the Topaz Fairy Chloe the Topaz Fairy. the Amethyst Fairy Amy the Amethyst Fairy. the Sapphire Fairy Sophie the Sapphire Fairy and the Diamond Fairy Lucy the Diamond Fairy.


One day. for Lucy. She is A watch maker. She decorate it with Diamonds. or India. Suddenly. A Voice Boomed:


"Oh!" Cried Chloe. Polly helped The Jewel Fairies out. for that.

"It's a Giant. right?" Asked Amy.

"Yep." Said Edie. just for Lucy. She give a Loud Yell. Her yell shook the whole Building Down.

"Let's go!" Said Perrie. "The Fairies need my help to save the day!"

Amelie was lying down on a Pile of Woods. like Katie. For Leona, Tasha and Maddie. they were trapped upstairs. with a towel.

Emily sat down. Right behind. The Time bombs were coming, they were huge! A Ice Meteor struck a Fairy house ( which is Empty) Alaea was trying to escape. but she drink a Little Honey by a Mistake.


Nicole was fixing something. from That. she known that Giant. He was a Giant (Known as a Brown skined giant) it's Duke!

"Oh My Gosh. He was Huge!" Cried Sophie.

All the Fairies closed their eyes. until The giant was gone...

Charaters: Edit

India the Moonstone Fairy

Scarlett the Garnet Fairy

Emily the Emerald Fairy

Chloe the Topaz Fairy

Amy the Amethyst Fairy

Sophie the Sapphire Fairy

Lucy the Diamond Fairy

Lily the Rainforest Fairy

Perrie the Paramedic Fairy

Amelie the Seal Fairy

Leona the Unicorn Fairy

Tasha the Tap Dance Fairy

Maddie the Playtime Fairy

Katie the Kitten Fairy

Edie the Garden Fairy

Polly the Party fun Fairy

The end Edit

That's the end for the first part now! If you like to See more. go to My page!

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