Part 3 of Megan Maylor's story.

The Nyan cat. the Noob and the GhostEdit

The fairies run and run. Until they are far away from it. The Nyan Cat appeared first.

"It's large!" Cried Lucy. "It looks like a Cat!"

"Taste the Rainbow!" Cried The Sky.

Everyfairy stick their tongue out and the Nyan cat went to them. and their skin was rainbow coloured now - But their Outfits were normal.

“Now the diaster is Noobs!!!!!!!" Cried the Sky.


"Ah! the Noobs were coming! noooo!" Cried Nicole.

Everyfairy started to run.

"Remember Duke, the Brown Skined Giant?" Said Sophie.

"Inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Cried the Sky.

All Fairies went in to the Church. and into the water. The noobs went inside. but they can't swim.

When the noobs are gone. they saw Ghosts!


"Run!" Cried Scarlett.

Everyone run. and the Ghosts followed them. but they are captured.

Soon the Fairies Were in the Piano room.

"WHAT?" Cried The Jewel Fairies.

The EndEdit

That's the End for this part now! If you wantt to see more. Go to my page!

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