Adelaide is a Holiday special fairy.  

Story description: Adelaide the Night time Fairy keeps night time, including bed, running smoothly. But when her three magical objects vanish, night time creatures act strangely, the moon has gone and nobody knows when to go to bed. Its up to Rachel and Kirsty to retrieve her items and make evenings safe once again! 

Appearance: Edit

Adelaide has fair skin and long, blonde hair in a ponytail. She wears a jacket over a white T -shirt with a pink, sparkly star in the centre, a silver mini skirt and blue trainers. Her wings are turqoise tinted. 

Symbol: Blue stars and yellow crescent moons. 

Magic Objects/ Job: 

Job: She keeps the evenings, including bedtime, running smoothly, and also makes sure that the night time creatures are safe. 

Magic Objects: 

  1. Bag of Moon dust: Moonlight stays strong throughout the night. 
  2. Magic Lantern: makes sure the night time creatures (Owls, Hedgehogs, Badgers, etc) are safe and well during the night.
  3. Pillow: Makes sure humans and fairies know when to go to bed time. 

Trivia: Edit

  • She has a similar job to Maisie the Moonbeam Fairy and Yasmin the Night Owl Fairy. 
  • She also works closely with the Twilight Fairies. 
  • Like Tamara the Tooth Fairy, Adelaide is nocturnal. 

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