magical objects: morphix ball, plasma board, water bolt

description: Aisha always wears green. She has curly dark brown hair and dark skin.Her wings are green too.

Aisha the Waves Fairy

1 Surprise at the Beach

" It's a wonderful summer day," exclaimed Kirsty Tate to her best friend Rachel Walker. Rachel nodded as they headed down to the beach. "I wish we would have another fairy adventure." said Rachel. She and Kirsty were friends of the fairies and helped them when they were needed. It was often because of the mean Jack Frost. "Mom! Can me and Kirsty have a swim?" Her mother nodded and set out the picnic. Suddenly, a gush of water splashed onto Rachel. "Wow. The waves are really strong today," Kirsty said. The two girls dove into the water as it got higher. Then, a bubble floated past them with a fairy inside. Kirsty nudged Rachel and they shot to the surface of the water. 

"Hello," said the fairy when she popped the bubble. "My name's Aisha and I'm the waves fairy. The waves are going crazy because of Jack Frost." She had dark skin, dark hair, and was nearly dark everywhere. She wore a sparkly green shirt with matching leggings. "Will you help me find my magical objects?" Kirsty and Rachel both nodded. "Oh thank you!" she cried.

"My magical objects are a morphix ball, a plasma board and the water bolt. The morphix ball makes sure the waves are smooth and calm. The plasma board ensures everyone has a save and fun time in the waves. And most importantly, if I don't get my water bolt back the water level will rise very quickly." Kirsty nodded to Rachel. "Where are they?" she asked Aisha. "I think I saw a goblin carrying the morphix ball under here. Let's go!"

To be contineued chapter 2.

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