Alanah the Tomboy Fairy is part of the fan-made fairies series, also a special fairy!

Appearance: Edit

Alanah has pale skin with long, brown hair and a purple bandana around her throat. She wears an dark, blue jacket with white spots over a black T-shirt, skinny jeans and black baseball boots. Her wings are grey tinted. 

Fairy Dust: Colourful stars. 

Magic objects/job:Edit

Job:  Alanah's magical powers include looking after ALL types of tomboy's clothes, and also making sure tomboys' have the best fun out of games. 

Magic Objects:

  1. Baseball cap makes sure that ALL the tomboys' clothes aren't ruined/ ripped.
  2. Trainer-shaped charm: its magical powers are to protect games which tomboys' play.
  3. Lunchbag makes sure that whatever types of food tomboys' eat don't taste disgusting, look or smell horrible. 

Spell: Otenbamusume no tanoshimi


  • Alanah's magical lunchbag item has powers which are quite similar to The Sweet Fairies powers.
  • Her job is also similar to Miley the Stylist Fairy. 

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