Alisa the Orange Cupcake Fairy is the seventh and final fairy in The Cupcake Flavor Fairies series.


Alisa has long black hair pulled back into a ponytail. She has tan skin, and wears a yellow-orange flower hairclip, yellow medium sleeve shirt with an orange vest, red-orange jeans, white socks and red and white sneakers. Her wand releases sparkles shaped like orange cupcakes with orange frosting and orange candy slices, and her wings are round and orange tinted. She has a special orange cupcakes that makes orange cupcakes taste delicious and sweet.


  • Alisa's vest and sneakers are inspired by Bright Heart Raccoon's vest and sneakers from the Nelvana-produced Care Bears series
  • Alisa's wings have the same shape as Florence the Friendship Fairy's wings and Jacquelyne the Beauty Makeover Fairy's wings

    Alisa the orange cupcake fairy

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