Fan Art!
This article is fanart! This means that it was created by fans of Rainbow Magic and it is not officially part of the series.

Arizona is a fan-made Special Fairy, made by CoolStar1998. 

Appearance Edit

Arizona has long brown hair in a ponytail and a light-freckled face. She wears a black waistcoat over an oversized white T-shirt, black leggings, white boots and a black headset. Her wings are round-pointed and tinted silver.  

Symbol: Black headphones.  

Job: Arizona looks after all types of DJs.  

Magical Objects:

  1. Record: makes sure that all DJs music is kept protected. 
  2. Enchanted Headset: makes sure that DJs can perform properly.
  3. Magical Turntables: ensures that DJ remixes--including other various pop songs--sound great for everyone to listen to. Without the turntables, music wouldn't sound at its best! 

Trivia Edit

  • Her wings are similar to Rosie the Honey Bear Fairy's wings.