The Aura Fairies, originally created by Destiny the Pop Star Fairy (a user), are a fanmade Rainbow Magic group. They are based around Rainbow Magic and the Auras featured on some Strong Cards in Animal Kaiser. The fairies are now adopted by AllyTrish34.

The fairies Edit

Job Edit

Making sure that everyone have defense, shining, burning, miracle, power, forest, and victory auras.

Trivia Edit

  • Ariella's job is to be the Fairy of Power Aura. Power Aura replaces Evil Aura, because evil is on the 180-degree rotation of good.
  • The number of the fairies are sorted according to the versions they debuted, from the earliest to the latest.
  • The function of each aura:
    • Defense Aura: decreasing the damage made by the opponent (first debuted in Version 1)
    • Shining Aura: increasing your Strength after you get hit (first debuted in Version 1)
      • Shining Aura is almost the same as Forest Aura.
    • Burning Aura: increasing your Health bit by bit in off-attack scenes (first debuted in Version 2)
    • Miracle Aura: increasing the user's Miracle damage (first debuted in Version 5)
    • Power Aura: absorbs your opponent's health, which results in increasing your health (first debuted in Version 6)
    • Forest Aura: increasing your Strength after you get hit (first debuted in Evolution 2)
    • Victory Aura: depending on the Aura, since it can be anything, but only one per Strong Card. Its magic is more powerful than any aura without the red 'V' mark, even when the amount is three. (first debuted in Evolution 5, only available in Gold, Silver, and Bronze Rare Strong cards)
  • This is a fairy group with all the fairies' names ending with an A. Additionally, each fairy has a gem, color corresponding to their respective auras, but the gems' functions aren't like the Jewel Fairies'. When the fairy of a specific aura has its gem back, she needs to touch it with her wand to spread the gem's power to both Fairyland and human world.
  • Only Belinda has no alliteration to her job.

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