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AllyTrish34's Books Edit

  • Alondra the Anonymous Letter Fairy
  • Nika the 3 A.M. Fairy
  • River the Alive Fairy
  • Fritzie the Ghost's Whisper Fairy
  • Emma-Rose the Wonderworks Fairy
  • Valia the VE Fairy
  • Janetta the Lucid Dream Fairy

SkelitaCalaveras's BooksEdit

Rainbow Magic New Books                                  Edit

  1. Tori the Tiger Fairy
  2. Patricia the Parrot Fairy
  3. Franny the Fish Fairy
  4. Angel the Anaconda Fairy
  5. Iggy the Iguana Fairy
  6. Rita the Toucan Fairy
  7. Mandy the Monkey Fairy

The Technology Fairies Edit

Becky The Computer Fairy(US Title:Cory The Laptop Fairy)

Cassidy The Internet Fairy(US Title:Matilda The Wifi Fairy)

Brianna The Video Gamer Fairy(US Title:Maizie The Gamer Fairy)

Adriana The TV Fairy

Blake The Cable Fairy

Kaylee The iPod Fairy

Ember The Google Fairy

The Musical Rock Fairies(US Title:The Pop Music Fairies) Edit

Neveah The StageFright Fairy(US Title:Gerry The Stage Fairy)

Tori The Strobe Lighting Fairy

Blythe The Recorder Fairy

Hadley The Beat Fairy

Naya The Rock Singer Fairy(US Title:Rhea The Pop Singer Fairy)

Aryanna The DJ Fairy(US Title:Ariana The Disk Jockey Fairy)

Julie The Bass Fairy

The Dog Fairies(US Title:The Dog Kind Fairies) Edit

Marina The Mix Dog Fairy            

Dove The Eskimo Dog Fairy(US Title:Kaija The Winter Dog Fairy)

Eryn The Terrier Fairy

Chica The Chihuahua Fairy(US Title:Rhiannon The Chihuahua Fairy)

Sabrinna The Collie Fairy

Zania The Pug Fairy(US Title:Koh The Pug Fairy)

Sakura The Husky Fairy 

The Sweet Treats Fairies Edit

Bridgett The Gingerbread Fairy

Kazumi The Pudding Fairy(US Title:Kaleah The Chocolate Pudding Fairy)

Laila The Almond Brittle Fairy(US Title:Braylinn The Brittle Fairy)

Wolfie The Banana Candy Fairy

Briannan The Cake-Pop Fairy

Allisyn The Rainbow Ripple Fairy

Shanice The Candy Cane Fairy(US Title:Leia The Candy Cane Fairy)

The Animal Spell Fairies(US Title:Enchanted Animal Fairies) Edit

Nadia The Enchanted Lion Fairy

Keisha The Enchanted Wolf Fairy

Alexis The Enchanted Polar Bear Fairy

Renee The Enchanted Ocelot Fairy(US Title:Gia The Enchanted Cat Fairy)

Elicia The Enchanted Panda Fairy(US Title:Alicia The Enchanted Panda Bear Fairy)

Breanne The Enchanted Arctic Fox Fairy(US Title:Avery The Enchanted Fox Fairy)

Emilia The Enchanted Zebra Fairy

The Love Fairies Edit

Taela The Love Gift Fairy(US Title:Share The Gift Fairy)

Gabby The Better Boy Fairy(US Title:Marty The Sweetheart Fairy)

Cora The Secret Admirer Fairy

Dakota The Engagement Fairy

Amylee The Together Forever Fairy

Melissa The Love Swan Fairy(US Title:Summer The Love Bird Fairy)

Jenni The Marriage Fairy

The Mythical Unicorn Fairies(US Title: The Mythology Magic Fairies) Edit

Lei The Celestial Sun Fairy

Melanie The Magical Wedding Fairy

Autumn The Magic Symbol Fairy(US Title:Azalea The Wand Symbol Fairy)

Thalia The Fairy Aura Fairy

Candace The Love Princess Fairy

Bryhanna The Luna Fairy(US Title:Bree The Moon Princess Fairy)

Katherine The Emotional Fairy(US Title:Kaylia The Emotions Fairy)

The Carnival Fairies Edit

Shay The Game Host Fairy(US Title:Aleah The Host Fairy)

Ana The Sports Games Fairy

Minty The Carnival Food Fairy

Allie The Roller Coaster Fairy(US Title:Eliana The Carnival Ride Fairy)

Rosalie The Jokester Fairy

Savanna The Popcorn Movie Fairy

Lilia The Firework Fairy(US Title:Liv The End Of The Carnival Fairy)

The Snow Kingdom Fairies Edit

Brill The Winter Fun and Snow Games Fairy(US Title:Cerys The Winter Fun Fairy)

Cerys The Snowboard Cross Fairy(US Title:Lex The Snowboard Fairy)

Rosa The Frost Fairy

Michaela The Melted Ice Fairy(US Title:Anne The Icicle Fairy)

Amey The Winter Celebrations Fairy(US Title:Mae The Snow Celebrations Fairy)

Ali The Ice Figure Skating Fairy

London The New Year’s Eve Fairy                                                                                                          

The School Fairies Edit

Shannyn The No-School Fairy

Bailey The School Lunch Fairy(US Title:Zuri The Lunch Fairy)

Haley The Reading Response Fairy

Lilac The English Fairy

Addyson The Music Class Fairy

Natelie The Arts n’ Crafts Fairy(US Title:Natlie The Craft Class Fairy)

Cara The Math Fairy(US Title:Sharon The Mathematics Fairy)

The World Tour Fairies Edit

Genevieve The Africa Fairy

Fleur The France Fairy(US Title:Priya The France Fairy)

Selene The United States Fairy(US Title:Vivian The USA Fairy)

Julianna The Japan Fairy(US Title:Jalia The China Fairy)

Kyla The Canada Fairy

Janessa The Mexico Fairy

Kerris The Great Britain Fairy(US Title:Kimberly The United Kingdom Fairy)

The Rainbow Rocks Fairies Edit

Tara The Twilight Sparkle Fairy(US Title:Marie The Twilight Sparkle Fairy)

Adeline The Spike Fairy

Fiora The DJ Pon3 Fairy

Joy The Trixie Fairy(US Title:Diana The Trixie Lulamoon Fairy)

Sierra The Sunset Shimmer Fairy

Sonata The Dazzlings Fairy

Octavia The Rainbooms Fairy(US Title:Aria The Mane Band Fairy)

The Monster Fairies Edit

Rylee The Gorgon Fairy(US Title:Riley The Medusa Fairy)

Kaija The Hydra Fairy(US Title:Amethyst The Hydra Monster Fairy)

Camila The Centaur Fairy

Tixie The Arctic Ghost Fairy

Peyton The Harpy Fairy

Marÿke The Siren Fairy

Adagio The Haunted Phoenix Fairy(US Title:Meigha The Haunted Fire Bird Fairy)

The Snow Animal Fairies Edit

Ivy The Lemming Fairy

Isadora The Harp Seal Fairy(US Title:Cleo The Singing Seal Fairy)

Georgina The North Hare Fairy(US Title:Elsie The North Bunny Fairy)

Julliah The Snowy Owl Fairy

Jamayla The Arctic Panda Fairy

Aura The Emperor Penguin Fairy(US Title:August The King Penguin Fairy)

Kezia The Reindeer Fairy

The Skeletal Fairies(US Title: The Skeleton Parts Fairies) Edit

Brooklyn The Skull Fairy

Zakuro The Spinal Cord Fairy(US Title:Aura The Spine Fairy)

Candy The Humorous Fairy

Magdalena The Carpals Fairy

Angelina The Pelvis Fairy(US Title:Lindy The Pelvis Fairy)

Misty The Femur Fairy

Eniko The Skeletal System Fairy(US Title:Zara The Skeleton’s System Fairy)

The Elemental Animal Fairies Edit

Sara The Elemental Bunny Fairy(Kindness)            

Devyn The Elemental Meerkat Fairy(Respect)

Clarabelle The Elemental Swan Fairy(Emotions)

Phoenix The Elemental Kitten Fairy(Charity)

Laura The Elemental Dog Fairy(Loyalty)

Onyx The Elemental Phoenix Fairy(Laughter)

Harmony The Elemental Penguin Fairy(Friendship)

The Books Fairies Edit

Aubrey The Fiction Book Fairy(US Title:Chandelle The Fiction Book Fairy)

Periwinkle The Author’s Note Fairy

Adrianne The Kid Book Fairy(US Title:Rain The Easy Books Fairy)

Eleanora The Lead Fairy(US Title:Marina The Pencil Fairy)

Angel The Novel Fairy

Bell The Non-Fiction Book Fairy

Lune The Fairytale Fairy

The Halloween Fairies Edit

Janice The Trick Or Treat Fairy(US Title:Chrysalis The Trick  Or Treat Fairy)

Lyre The Halloween Dance Fairy(US Title:Lenora The Halloween Festival Fairy)

Madelina The Scaring Friends Fairy(US Title:Evan The Boo Fairy)

Jackie The Jack-O-Lantern Fairy

Becca The Home Made Treats Fairy

Zoey The Skeleton Fairy

Gabrielle The Scary Costume Fairy

The Villain Fairies Edit

Mal The Maleficent Fairy

Ashleigh The Magic Mirror Fairy(US Title:Ash The Magical Mirror Fairy)

Lea The Black Swan Fairy

Cupcake The Dark Cupid Fairy

Lizzy The Queen Of Hearts Fairy(US Title:Liz The Queen Of Hearts Fairy)

Kira The Kitty Cheshire Fairy(US Title:Tegan The Kitty Cheshire Fairy)

Jen The Hansel & Gretel Witch Fairy

The Elemental Fairies Edit

Bloom The Fire Element Fairy

Flara The Plant Element Fairy

Aisha The Water Element Fairy(US Title:Laila The Wave Element Fairy)

Tecna The Technology Element Fairy(US Title:Youngmee The Technology Element Fairy)

Roxy The Animal Element Fairy

Musa The Music Element Fairy

Stellar The Sun Element Fairy(US Title:Maria The Sun Element Fairy)

The MLP Youtuber Fairies Edit

Isabelle The MLP Starswirl Fairy(US Title:Sue The MLP Starswirl Fairy)

Michelle The MLP StopMotion Fairy(US Title:Mariah The MLP StopMotion Fairy)

Hazel The Yum Soda Fairy

Paigie The Page Turner Fairy

Natalia The Flitter Shy(US Title:Rarity The Flitter Shy Fairy)

Sapphire The LunarCDawg Fairy

G The G Dawg Fairy

The Music Term Fairies Edit

Camille The Vibrato Fairy

Claire The Adagio Fairy

Skelita The Cadence Fairy

Maddison The Sonata Fairy

Floss The Minuet Fairy

Rachael The Octave Fairy 

Maybelle The Acapella Fairy

The Scent Fairies Edit

Kirstina The Blueberry Scent Fairy

Tiffany The Cherry Scent Fairy

Eris The Berry Scent Fairy

Spectrum The Root Beer Scent Fairy

Tara The Blue Slushy Scent Fairy(US Title:Lilli The Blue Slushy Fairy)

Cierra The Candyfloss Scent Fairy

Kyodai The Watermelon Candy Scent Fairy

The Spa Fairies Edit

Charlie The Massage Fairy

Danica The Sauna Fairy

Kimi The Bath Fairy

China The Pedicure Fairy

Anika The Beauty Mask Fairy

Wisteria The Nail Polish Fairy

Jamie The Beautician Fairy

The Fruit Fairies Edit

Mya The Apple Fairy

Felicity The Watermelon Fairy

Katheryn The Maraschino Cherry Fairy

Mollie The Banana Fairy

The Season Fairies Edit

Sia The Spring Fairy

Sandra The Summer Fairy (US: Sandy The Summer Fairy)

Wendy The Winter Fairy

Anne The Autumn Fairy(US Title:Freya The Fall Fairy)

The VenturianTale Fairies Edit

Beth The BethanyFrye Fairy

Isa The HomelessGoomba Fairy

Ciara The ImmortalKyodai Fairy

Jordan The Venturian Fairy

The Magic Fairies Edit

Kennedy The Peace Fairy

Aneesa The Genie Fairy

Savanah The Spell Fairy

Flame The Friends Forever Fairy

Special Editions Edit

Iolite The Canada Day Fairy(US Title:Topaz The Canadian Celebration Fairy)

Hayden The Doge Fairy

Rebekah The Brony Animatics Fairy

Addison The Girl Meets World Fairy(US Title:Rowan The GMW Fairy)

Kate The Rainbow Rocks Fairy

Yangchen The Military Fairy(US Title:Alexia The Military Fairy)

Zebra The Sakura Tree Fairy

Maureen The Elder Fairy

Digit The Pixie Fairy

Echo The Language Fairy(US Title:Allie The Country Fairy)

Anabella The Thanksgiving Fairy

Charity The Impostor Fairy(US Title:May The Change Fairy)

Mylla And Lyla The Christmas Concert Fairies

Locket The Key Fairy

Tune The Princess Fairy

Alyssa The Christmas Love Fairy(US Title:Jay The Mistletoe Fairy)

Natasha The Pumpkins Fairy

Serena The Battle Of The Bands Fairy(US Title:Karla The Rock Battle Fairy)

Leila and Jayla The Scary Twins Fairies

Icy,Darcy and Stormy The Ice,Darkness and Storms Fairies

Cadence The Dog Breeding Fairy

Amore The Match Making Fairy

Chatta The Gossip Fairy

Amanda The Spa Fairy

Tiger The Sports Fairy

Arctic The Sled Dog Race Fairy

Tatum The School Awards Fairy

Meadow The Idea Fairy

Chelsea The Comedy Party Fairy

Minuette The Meningococcal Meningitis Fairy

Jessa The Nurse Fairy

Evan The Emerald Palm Fairy(US Title:Logan The Paradise Fairy)

Aria The Christmas Dinner Fairy(US Title:Sandy The Holiday Dinner Fairy)

Celine the Strawberry Belt Sweets Fairy

Dyamond the Toxic Waste Fairy

Jumai the bossy fairy

Rose the slime-giving fairy

Bianca the slime maker fairy

Nixie the Microphone Fairy

Ocean the Mermaid Fairy

Azalea the Tradition Fairy

Coralia the Sneezing Fairy

Beatrice the Party Animal fairy

Miranda The Sensible Fairy (U.S name Aquamarine the Following Rules fairy)

Araxie the Looking good fairy

The Playground Fairies Edit

Bluesette the Swings Fairy

Tara the See - Saw Fairy (US Title: Tara the Teeter Totter Fairy)

Fanny the Slide Fairy

Annie the Merry Go Round Fairy

Candace the Monkey Bars Fairy

Shayla the Sand Pit Fairy

Joanne the Jungle Gym Fairy

LexsJB's books Edit

Amathist1998's booksEdit

  • Rhea the Frost Fairy
  • Cerys the Snowboard Cross Fairy
  • Kaleah the Winter Celebrations Fairy
  • Rosanna the Ice Figure Skating Fairy
  • Keisha the Winter Fun and Snow Games Fairy
  • Shanice the Icicle Fairy
  • Bryhanna the New Year's Eve Party Fairy
  • Asia the Mars Fairy
  • Queenie the Shooting Star Fairy
  • Amybeth the Constellation Fairy
  • Corinne the Comet Fairy
  • Althea the Solar Flare Fairy
  • Sherry the Meteor Shower Fairy
  • Ember the Asteroid Fairy
  • Dionne the Giraffe Fairy
  • Kimika the Kangaroo Fairy
  • Leary the Elephant Fairy
  • Nadia the Sloth Fairy
  • Shirley the Monkey Fairy
  • Dottie the Wildbeest Fairy
  • Windy the Wolf Fairy
  • Janine the Jaguar Fairy
  • Ophelia the Baboon Fairy
  • Jo the Lemur Fairy
  • Lithia the Leopard Fairy
  • Musa the Gorilla Fairy
  • Mooncalf the Otter Fairy
  • Lyria the Fossa Fairy
  • Meg the Melon Fairy
  • Lynette the Lemon Fairy
  • Taela the Tangerine Fairy
  • Shpresa the Watermelon Fairy
  • Peaches the Peach Fairy
  • Salima the Strawberry Fairy
  • Neve the Grape Fairy
  • Daveena the Socks Fairy
  • Ruth the Leggings Fairy
  • Carmella the Earrings Fairy
  • Brenda the Bracelet Fairy
  • Nellie the Dress Fairy
  • Bloom the Necklace Fairy
  • Tori the Ring Fairy
  • Shelby the Enchanted Pet Fairy
  • Noor the Enchanted Forest Fairy
  • Andrea the Enchanted Animal Fairy (U.S. name: Svetlana the Enchanted Animal Fairy)
  • Nita the Enchanted Ice Cream Fairy
  • Rhiannon the Enchanted Cake Fairy
  • Nyree the Enchanted Jewel Fairy
  • Elicia the Enchanted Shell Fairy
  • Mahnoor the Zebra Spell Fairy
  • Xeandra the Vampire Spell Fairy
  • Moobina The Mouse Spell Fairy
  • Patricia the Dog Spell Fairy
  • Kendra the Kangaroo Spell Fairy
  • Shamara the Lion Spell Fairy
  • Dakota the Bear Spell Fairy
  • Eve the Ground Sloth Fairy
  • Jess the Mammoth Fairy
  • Kristina the Saber-Toothed Tiger Fairy
  • Tammy the Sabor-tooth Squirrel Fairy
  • Hualin the Possum Fairy
  • Valeria The Gigantopithecucus Fairy
  • Abelia the Smilodon Fairy
  • Celine the Strawberry Belt Sweets Fairy

  • Dyamond the Toxic Waste Fairy

  • Jumai the bossy fairy

  • Rose the slime-giving fairy

  • Bianca the slime maker fairy

  • Nixie the Microphone Fairy

  • Ocean the Mermaid Fairy

  • Azalea the Tradition Fairy

  • Coralia the Sneezing Fairy

  • Beatrice the Party Animal fairy

  • Aquamarine The Sensible Fairy


CoolStar1998's Books:

  • Alanah the Tomboy Fairy
  • Juno the Bubbles Fairy
  • Mathilda the Chocolate Cupcake Fairy
  • Sheeva the Frosting Fairy
  • Tammy the Vanilla Cupcake Fairy
  • Petal the Candy Decorations Fairy
  • Marzia the Cake -pops Fairy
  • Rina the Fruit Cupcake Fairy
  • Sindel the Prettily Decorated Cupcake Fairy
  • Tessa the Acting Fairy
  • Kika the Star Outfits Fairy
  • Leonilda the Star Make--up Fairy
  • Zelda the Props Fairy
  • Cleo the Cameras Fairy
  • Beck the Directing Fairy
  • Yolanda the Film Fairy
  • Kat the Casual Clothes Fairy
  • Bobbie the Boyish Fairy
  • Alicia the Skateboarding Fairy
  • Reagan the Sports Fairy
  • Avery the Jokester Fairy
  • Sloan the Video Games Fairy
  • Gaby the Anime Tomboy Fairy
  • Jill the Baking Ingredients Fairy
  • Denise the Baker Fairy
  • Gale the Bread making Fairy
  • Silver the Cake making Fairy
  • Terri the Baking Supplies Fairy
  • Sia the Baking Biscuits Fairy
  • Gaynor the Finished Cake Fairy 

Kitten kitrens2005Edit

The rock star fairiesEdit








Rosa the Dalmatian puppy fairy