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Bryhanna the New Year's Eve Party Fairy
Race Fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Series Snow Kingdom Fairies
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) Minty the Snowflake Spirit
Symbol(s) musical note
File:Bryhanna the New Years Eve Party Fairy.PNG
Bryhanna the New Year's Eve Party Fairy is the last fairy in Snow Kingdom Fairies.


She has light skin, darker Blue hair, music note on her orange dress, Orange stockings, Orange boots and a purple magic party hat under her orange earmuffs, She has an Orange Magic wand and her wings have a cornflower blue tint and Blue music notes with cornflower blue sparkles come out from the tip of her Orange wand. Her magic unicorn's name is called Cassandra, Cassandra has cornflower blue skin with light blue mane and tail, has a music note cutie mark, even a silver horn, purple eyes, and Cassandra's aura is cornflower blue. Cassandra the Magic Unicorn's aura helps Bryhanna and Rachel and Kirsty find Minty the Orange Snowflake Spirit

Magic objectEdit

Her magic object is the orange snowflake spirit named Minty who didnt appear in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter games

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • The seven standard powers of a fairy
  • Bryhanna and her snowflake spirit Minty Makes sure that everyone has succesful New year's eve party and everyone enjoys it!

U.S. versionEdit

  • Her U.S. name is Breanne the New Year's Eve Fairy. her skin is pale her hair is red her dress is pale pink she has pink tights and pink high heels and her magic party hat is pink under her pink earmuffs and she has a pink magic wand and wings have a purple and pink tint.

Additional informationsEdit

  • Cassandra's cutie mark is a music note (shown in the Appearance section) which represents laughter and fun.

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