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Busted is a song that is featured in Mystery at the Friendship Sleepover and the Phineas and Ferb episode I Scream, You Scream. It is a pop/R&B song which is voted #3 in Lauren and Miley Musical Cliptastic Countdown.



I can see what you're doin'
And you think I'm naive
But when I get the goods on ya
She'll soon believe

[Kathleen and Selena]

Well she says it's just all drama
But every bubble's got to pop
She's just gonna see what you're doin'

'[Kathleen, 'Selena, and Vanessa]

And then you're finally gonna have to stop!
Don't you think you're[ gonna win this time
'Cause you better believe I'm gonna drop a dime on you
I'll get ya! (Yeah!)
I'll get ya! (Yeah!)
And when I do, you're gonna be busted!


I don't wanna put the hurt on you
But ya better believe me

[Kathleen, Selena, and Vanessa]

When I tell you I got the dirt on you
You're busted

[Vanessa] Yeah, she's gonna see the light.

[Kathleen, Selena, and Vanessa]

This is how it's gonna be
When she finds out I was always right
You're busted!

[Kathleen, Selena, and Vanessa]

There's a new cop on the beat
And I'm bringin' down the heat


My eyes are all wise to your lies
'Cause you're not that discreet

[Vanessa] And I don't care what've ya heard

[Kathleen and Vanessa] 'Cause there's one-six letter word,

[Vanessa] It's gonna set me free

[Selena] (Gonna set me free!)

[Vanessa] It starts with a "B"!

[Kathleen] (Starts with a "B"!)

[Selena, Kathleen, and Vanessa]

It goes B-U-S-T-E-D!
You are busted!


I don't wanna put the hurt on you
But you better believe me
When I tell you I've finally get the dirt on you
(I'll get ya!)
You're busted!
Don't you think yer gonna win this time!


Well, she's gonna see the light on you
(Drop the dime on you!)

[Kathleen and Selena]

This is how it's gonna be
When they find out we're always right,
(I'll get ya! I'll get ya!)

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  • This is a descended song of Phineas and Ferb with a little modified words.

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