The Butterfly Fairies' jobs are to insure all butterflies stay happy and fly freely.


Kirsty and Rachel have been invited to the annual butterfly festival in Fairyland and everything goes well until Jack Frost and his goblins appear, wanting the The butterfly faires' magical butterfly pins and without them no butterfly can be happy again. Will they be able to save the butterflies' happiness.

Jack Frost's PoemEdit

Light and fine,

They will all be mine.

Clips of flutter I want and need,

And is what I shall recieve. 

All I will steal,

Now and real.

Here and high,

Now it's my butterfly!

The FairiesEdit

  Mitzi the Monarch Fairy Edit

Mitzi was introduced when the girls found her hiding under a banner. Mitzi has short dark red hair and wears a long orange, black and white dress, white jeans jacket and black flats. Without her magic, monarch butterflies will be dull and sad forever.

Coral the Swallowtail FairyEdit

Coral was found in a teacup. Coral has long, silky black hair, she wears a black, light green and lavender dress with lavender tights and light green mary janes. Without her magic, swallowtails will be sad and can't fly.

Opal the Satyr FairyEdit

Opal met Kirsty while hiding under a piece of butterfly cake. Opal has long platinum blonde hair in twin braids. She wears a light pink shall, white shirt, light pink shorts and white sandals. Without her magic, satyrs will have no happiness and can't fly.

Queenie the Morpho FairyEdit

The girls met Queenie while in the Morpho Cave. Queenie has long wavy black hair with a blue headband and wears a long frilly white and blue dress with a black sash, short blue jeans and black sandals. Without her magic, morphos with be very sad and mean.


  • In U.S. Coral's is called Sky the Swallowtail Fairy.

Created by Penny448

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