Based on MLP FiM Princess Celestia battles Nightmare Moon 1000 years ago.

Celeste the Princess Celestia Fairy and her younger sister Lunace the Princess Luna Fairy head toward the castle of the two sisters. "Night shall rule!" Lunace cried. Celeste flew up and shook her head. "Never! Night and day shall balance!"

But Lunace only tossed her head and cackled evilly. Her teeth became shaper and her hair and clothes became darker in colour. "Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!" Lunace had become a different, nasty fairy. "I am Nightia the Nightmare Moon Fairy!" the dark fairy cackled. Celeste shot beams of light at Nightia but she dodged them. "You're no match for me!" The battle continued when at last, Celeste sommoned the elements of harmony! Using the ancient jewels, she sent Nightia the Nightmare Moon Fairy to the moon! Nightia was imprisoned there and was never seen again.

Celeste still feels sad to lose her younger sister.

Created by a wiki contributor

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