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This article is fanart! This means that it was created by fans of Rainbow Magic and it is not officially part of the series.

File:Cerys the Snowboard cross fairy drawn by Amathist1998.PNG
File:Cerise the Snowboard Cross Fairy.png

Cerys the Snowboard Cross Fairy is the second fairy in Snow Kingdom Fairies.


She has asian skin, Asian Black Hair, a pink dress dress with Pink leggings, pink eyeshadow, and her wings have a green tint.

The unicorn's appearanceEdit

She has a magic teal unicorn named Linda. She has an teal skin, ice blue mane, dark blue eyes, and a rainbow cutie mark. Linda owns a silver magic horn which lights up with yellow aura, which let Cerys, Kirsty, and Rachel find Cuby the yellow snowflake spirit.

Powers and Abilities

1. the seven standard powers of a fairy

2. makes sure people can never lose and keep trying to win without cheating in snowboard cross


  • Her magic unicorn's name is Linda
  • Her magic fairy dust shape is a Snowboard
  • Her U.S. name is Lynn the Snowboard Cross Fairy

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