Fan Art!
This article is fanart! This means that it was created by fans of Rainbow Magic and it is not officially part of the series.

Chains on Me is a song in "Lauren and Miley Get Busted!" Some of the lyrics are modified on the Rainbow Magic version, so it makes sense with the story plot.


I woke up this morning, and the world was gray

Hadn't seen the sun since they hauled me away

The don girl says there's no use in tryin'

She won't let me color outside of the lines

Got these chains on me

And they're draggin' me down

Got these chains on me

Hear that clankin' sound?

Just on me, don, hear my song

Don't say imagination is morally wrong


Drinking of sweets, don?

As long as I've been here

I got nothing to show

Tryin' to make something but the girl says no

Wanna be creative but the don won't hear it

That evil don, she's trying to bust my spirit

Got these chains on me, they wouldn't let me fly

Got these chains on me, won't tell me why

Doctor, hear my song

Don't say imagination is morally wrong

No, they won't let us dance or bang that gong

Cos they say imagination is morally wrong!

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