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Ciara the Military Fairy is a Special Edition Fairy.

Appearance Edit

Ciara has dark skin with dark brown hair tied up in a side ponytail with an army-print green bow. She also wears an army-print ball cap. She wears an army-print jacket with an army-print pants. She wears army-print army boots with little pockets in them. Her wings are light green tinted.

Symbol: A grey bullet.

Magic Object Edit

Ciara's three magic objects are

  • A scroll of the phonetic alphabet which makes sure that the army understand each other in battle so they're safe.
  • A red rose which makes sure people don't die in war and that everyone will be ok.
  • A bullet that makes sure wars don't happen at all so the world will be safe and filled with eternal peace.

Powers And Abilities Edit

  • The seven standard powers of a fairy.
  • Ciara makes sure that wars don't happen and that the world is filled with peace and love and that people will be safe.

U.S. Version Edit

  • Her U.S name is Alexia The Military Fairy

Additional Information Edit

  • She is named after Nickelodeon star Ciara Bravo
  • She is cousins with The Love Fairies