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Dazzle is the first fairy in the Destiny Crystal Fairies series.


Dazzle has light magenta hair with a fringe. Her dress is a similar colour with golden stripes that sparkle in the sunlight, with her wings and shoes being a similar shade of magenta (but slightly darker). Her wings are also slightly pointed. Because of this, her flying speed is increased so she can fly across the world and keep everyone believing in fairies (amongst other things).

Dazzle's wand is golden with a magenta ribbon tied at the base, and her Destiny Crystal sits on top.


Dazzle's mission is to make sure that lots of people around the world believe in fairies - enough to make lots of magic for the fairy world and keep all fairies alive. It is revealed in her book that the power of belief in fairies is what created the fairies in the first place, and is what the fairies depend on for survival. Before this belief existed, there were no fairies and life was a lot duller. Also, she has to make sure that religion still exists as religion keeps a lot of people together and makes them feel calmer and more confident.


Jack Frost has ordered the Goblins to take the crystals from the magical cabinet where the fairies' wands are stored. However, in the process of taking them, a goblin drops Dazzle's wand while trying to take the crystal off the top of it, waking Dazzle who grabs her wand and chases after them. Not finding the goblins, she decides to go to Rachel and Kirsty for help.

Even they are starting to wonder if the fairies they have been helping were real, or just illusions, but know better than to stop believing. The girls think of a great plan to keep people believing in fairies - Dazzle teamed up with Sabrina the Sweet Dreams Fairy so everyone saw a fairy in their dreams. This created a lot of magic and gave Dazzle's wand a special power that lead her to her Destiny Crystal. She is surprised that it is just put to one side in the corner of the ice castle that Jack Frost resided in, and that there were no goblins to stop her. She places the crystal on the top of her wand and a rainbow comes out and shoots across the sky. She is happy, but she doesn't know that the goblins had gone to get hold of the Miracle crystal, which could be of more use to their master - miracles would mean that Jack Frost would get anything he wanted!

Now Rachel and Kirsty must help Sparkle the Miracle Fairy.