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This article is fanart! This means that it was created by fans of Rainbow Magic and it is not officially part of the series.

Deep Into Your Mind is a song inspired on the Phineas and Ferb song with the same name.


We're going deep into your mind,
Never know what we'll find
Repression, aggression, your embarrasing obssession
Would make Citrine annoyed,
But don't be paranoid
We're going deep into your mind
We're going deep into your mind

Were you traumatized by giraffes?
Perhaps somebody who strafes?
Do you fear the number thirteen?
Or somebody you think she's mean?

We're going deep into your mind
Your psyche will unwind
Was there a wraith 'hind your mutters?
Fear of peanut butter?
Somehow, the long song Don't You Worry Child?
Going deep into your mind..

Background informationEdit

In linesEdit

  • "Were you traumatized by giraffes?" may refer to Ace.
  • "Or somebody you think she's mean?" is an obvious reference to Spade.
  • The line "Fear of peanut butter?" may refer to the fear of peanut butter sticking on the roof of your mouth.

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