Dove The Eskimo Dog Fairy by IAmVinylScratch'sNumberOneFan

Dove the Eskimo Dog Fairy drawn by IAmVinylScratch'sNumberOneFan

Dove Is The Second Fairy In The Dog Fairies(US Title:The Dog Kind Fairies)


Dove has pale skin with long wavy blonde hair and a blue and white beanie thats says D.O.G.She wears a fuzzy hoodie with a white belt with an aquamarine in the middle and a turquoise,light blue and white mini-skirt.She wears light blue boots with pom poms and fuzz at the rim.Her wings are turquoise tinted.

Symbol:A paw in a snowball.

Job:To make sure eskimo dog's have a safe life.

Magic Object:An eskimo dog named Kayla.


.Dove is based off of Dove Cameron,who also plays a girl named Kayla in Cloud 9,and the dog's name is Kayla

.She seems to be half-friends with Jack Frost but he did steal Kayla

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