The Dressing up Fairies are part of the fan-made RM series.

This Group was created by Amathist1998

The Fairies:Edit

  • Daveena the Socks Fairy
  • Ruth the Leggings Fairy
  • Carmella the Earrings Fairy
  • Brenda the Bracelet Fairy
  • Nellie the Dress Fairy
  • Bloom the Necklace Fairy
  • Tori the Ring Fairy 


Rachel and Kirsty are spending the half-term holiday at Disneyland. They're so excited to be meeting disney characters there, as well enjoy a dressing-up party! Then Flora the Fancy Dress Fairy appears while Rachel and Kirsty were on the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride and whisks the girls away to a summertime Fairyland ball. The girls' old friend, Demi the Dressing -Up Fairy, introduces the two to her helpers, the Dressing up Fairies. They all have a great time at the ball, until cruel Jack Frost appears and steals the fairies' magical clothing items. Without them, clothes everywhere, all over the world are ruined! Can the girls' retrieve the special items in time for the Disneyland's end-of-year party? 


File:Daveena the Socks Fairy.png

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