The Duck-billed Dinosaur Fairies are the 36th group of Rainbow Magic. they take care Duck-billed Dinosaurs. they are Gita the Hadrosaurus Fairy, Lainey the Lambeosaurus Fairy, Arabelle the Panasaurolophus Fairy and Cadenza the Corythosaurus Fairy.


Kirsty and Rachel are going to duck-billed zoo to meet some duck-billed dinnosaurs. but the duck-billed dinosaurs act strangely at everyone. Jack Frost has kidnapped the Duck-billed Dinosaur Fairies' duck-billed dinosaurs. Can Rachel and Kirsty help the Duck-billed Dinosaur Fairies rescue the duck-billed dinosaurs that belongs to them?

Jack Frost's Poem:Edit

The Duck-billed dinosaurs are the best,

But I don't have any at my icy home!

These 4 Fairies have a duck-billed dinosaur.

But I'm going to take them away!

I'll lock them in my cage.

and they will stay there forever.

Now these 4 fairies will lose them.

They will be sad and unhappy!

The Fairies:Edit

Gita the Hadrosaurus Fairy

Gita met the girls in Fairyland. she has long, brown hair. she wears a yellow dress with 2 pink lines (on the top and the bottom) on it. and she wears blue leggings. without her pet hadrosaurus. Hadrosaurus act strange.

Lainey the Lambeosaurus Fairy

Lainey was on a leaf when the girls met her. she has shoulder-length red hair. she wears a green jacket. and red jeans. without her pet lambeosaurus. Lambeosaurus act strangely.

Arabelle the Panasaurolophus Fairy

Arabelle was climbing a tree when the girls find her. she has short, green hair dip-dyed pink on the bottom. she wears a black dress with the letter "A" for her name. she weears brown leggings. without her pet Panasaurolophus. Panasaurolophus will be angry to each other.

Cadenza the Corythosaurus Fairy

Cadenza met the girls in duck-billed dinosaurs hideout. she has long, blonde hair pulled back into a pialt. she wears a Blue coat over a orange t-shirt. without her pet corythosaurus. Corythosaurus will be mean to each other.


They are cousins with The Dinosaur Fairies and Brady the Dinosaur Fairy.

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