The Escaped Animals Fairies are around Rainbow Magic and Animal Kaiser [Evolution]. It has only four books for the US and UK. The fairies are originally created by AllyTrish34.

The fairies Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This group is named the Escaped Animals Fairies because the fairies' respective animals once escaped their owners.
  • This four-fairy group is also technically based on the Villain Beasts. All animals are present, except Joker the Komodo dragon.
  • The order of fairies are sorted according to the Rarity, Strength, and Health:
    • Spotted Hyena (Straight) - Normal, 4000, 4000
    • Indian Cobra (Spade) - Normal, 5000, 4000
    • Masai Giraffe (Ace) - Bronze Rare, 6000, 4000
    • Andean Condor (Shuffle) - Silver Rare, 6000, 6000

Gallery Edit

Coming soon....

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