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This article is Fan Art. This means that it was created by fans of Rainbow Magic and it is not officially part of the series.


Rebecca and Jessie have been flown to Fairy City to do some work for their teacher, Princess Luna, the co -ruler of Fairyland, sister to Princess Demi and daughter of the Queen of Fairyland, Queen Titania. There she meets 5 other fairies. They are Selena, Destiny, Matilda, Frankie, and Claudia.


Rebecca has found out that there is a spell which needs one special item. A hair from the mane of the Moon Fairy. Jessie does not know who the Moon Fairy is. Her companion, Brooke thinks it is a fairytale. Rebecca and Jessie sets out to find their new friends.

Friendship is magic!Edit

They agree, but Selena has some news for Rebecca. The Moon Fairy can only be found at night time when it can be the darkest. Jessie ignores her and the girls set out to find them.

Let's go!Edit

At night time, Rebecca, Jessie and their friends go walking by a cliff side, seating for the Moon Fairy. Rebecca falls down a cliff but hangs onto the end. Destiny comes up to her and tells Rebecca to let go. Rebecca thinks Destiny is mad but Destiny tells Rebecca to trust her and let go because Claudia and Matilda will catch her. Rebecca let's go.


Claudia and Matilda catch Rebecca and she is covered in mud but they still need to find the Moon Fairy.


The Moon Fairy is found sitting next to Princess Demi. She is dressed in blue as disguise. Demi says she is her sister and named Marilyn .Rebecca asks if she can pluck a hair off of Marilyn. Marilyn agrees and cuts a bit of hair off her head and gives it to Rebecca in a jar.


Rebecca declares that Jessie, Selena, Matilda, Destiny, Frankie, and Claudia are her Fairy Friends Forever and Rebecca moved from her flat in Fairy City to a lovely book-filled cottage in Fairyville, but Jessie says she has to move from Fairy Ctiy to her hometown. She leaves her friends and they will miss her.


Rebecca: [reading a book] A luna spell, which can be used by using the Luna Fairy's strand of hair.

Rebecca: Jessie, do you know the Luna Fairy?

Jessie: Luna Fairy? I've never heard of that. I don't know who she is.

Brooke: I think the luna spell is just a fairytale, not something real!

Jessie: Let's gather our friends and us together and discover who she is.

Selena: It is said on this book, [reads a book] The Luna Fairy can only be found when it is totally dark at night.

Jessie: Ignore Selena. Let's go, girls.

Rebecca: Aiiiieeeee! I'm falling down a cliff!!!!!! Heeeeeeeeeeelllllllllp!!!!

Rebecca: Phew! Your'e gonna save me then, Destiny?

Destiny: Let go. Trust me...

Rebecca: WHAT?! Your'e telling me to LET GO? Are you MAD? INSANE?

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