One--off fanmade fairies by CoolStar1998. 

Edith the 80's Style Fairy:Edit

BFF's Rachel and Kirsty are so excited. Kirsty's village is holding a 80's style party. But when they arrive, most of the outfits look horrific! It's all because Jack Frost has stolen Edith the 80's Style Fairy magic pair of Leg Warmers! Can the girls' get them back from him, so all the funkiness of the 80's returns back to the party? 

Fuchsia the Funky Clothing Fairy: Edit

Rachel Walker and Kirsty Tate can't wait for Rachel's School Disco! Everybody's going to be dressed up all funky; bright and neon. That is, until harsh Jack Frost steals Fuchsia the Funky Clothing Fairy's magic pair of Neon Shades... the girls' must retrieve the special glasses, before everybody's funky outfits are ruined forever. 

Brynn the Safari Fairy:Edit

Rachel and Kirsty are helping at the African Safari Centre, looking after all the Safari animals there. But when a few creatures go missing and the baby Elephants misbehave, the girls' think cruel Jack Frost is up to no good. He's sent his goblins to steal Brynn's magical Safari Keyring, which protects all Safari Parks. Can the girls get the keyring back from the goblins? 

Judi the Author Fairy:Edit

Rachel and Kirsty are over the moon to be meeting their favourite author! But when they get to the Town Plaza, the author seems to be in total loss and confusion. Then they met Judi the Author Fairy, who explains that it's all down to mean Jack Frost stealing Judi's magical Book, which makes sure all authors make great stories. Can the girls' search for the missing, magical object before all the different types of books are read no more?