these group are fanmade belonging to an fanfiction. they are The Rainbow fairies mentors and the previous rainbow fairies. They have been named after fruits. 

Strawberry Red,Cantaloupe Orange, Lemon Yellow, Kiwi green, blueberry blue, Blackberry Indigo and plum Violet. 

all seven were born in colour order from Red to violet

For more information Check out the orginal fanfic on Rainbow Magic Fanfiction "RASFSIH"

strawberry is the eldest and the leader of the group. She is rather quit and keeps to herself a lot. She enjoys going on morning flights and loves to read. Her mentor Was named Ruby who looked quite tradtional with skin tinted in the same colour as her wings. she wore a flutterly sheergown and slippers. She is exatly like the ruby from the serias. brave, protective over not only her own but her mentees sisters as well. strawberry always admired her mentors drive and courage and wants to mimc her. Her mentee reminded her so much of her mentor that she named her after her. Strawberry sems to not like her name a lot and therefor goes by the name Red.

Cantaloupe is observant, Attaintive, insightful and usally the first to spot things. she is the first Character to be introduced in that fanfic.

Lemon as the brightest of the group  is the optimistic sister and very positve and cheerfull. although her cheerfull and positve personality  she is also slightly vain and her short temper can easiliy let her down.

Kiwi is the funny sister like Amber and keps the mood up. She has a best friend called spring the Mist fairy who seems to be also funny and Green. Kiwi also likes to cook and prefers to work in the kitchen. Also, she is physically sensitve and weak and very sensitve to pain.

Blueberry and Blackberry are twins and were introduced together. they both share a quite, peaceful and calm personality. Ecept that Blueberry is more bubbly and giggly while her twin is Rather sullen and gloomy, negative. she is like Lemon's opposite positve/negative, light and Darkness, day and night. although she is the younger twin she is more confident and usualy the one that speak up while her older twin is quite nervous. blueberry is also senible and clever. 

Plum although the youngest of the sisters is the best peacemaker and could solve arguments preety quickly. she is very quite, soft and mousy also physically sensitve/weak.

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