The Frights, camera. action! fairies make sure that fashion shows goes well, there were Connor the clawdia wolf fairy.    Forever the Elissabat fairy. Mira the honey swamp fairy and Fay the viperine gorgon fairy. they are helpers of Lola the Fashion show fairy because of their objects.


Kirsty and Rachel were going to tippington fashion show, but everything was going wrong there; Jack Frost has stolen the Frights, camera. action! Fairies magical objects. Rachel and Kirsty must track them down!

Jack Frost's Poem:Edit

The Fairies are planing for a fashion show.

But I, Jack Frost. is not invited!

Goblin servants listen well.

Steal the objects one by one,

Then I'll be invited to the fashion show.

Now the 4 fairies is defeated!

I'll keep the objects forever.

Soon the Fashion show is ruined!

The fairies:Edit

Connor the clawdia wolf fairy

Connor met the girls in Fairyland, she has long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. she also wears a blue dress with a Clawdia wolf on it, without her black pen, no one can read fashion styles in their notebooks.

Forever the Elissabat fairy

Forever was inside Rachel's bag while the girls were getting a movie award, she has swirly red hair, she also wears a white t-shirt with a picture of a Elissabat on it, and she wears blue jeans, Without her movie award charm, no one can get a Movie award such as the angels,

Mira the honey swamp fairy

Mira was in a clapper box when the girls find her, she has short, blue hair with green highlights in it, she wears a yellow shirt with a picture of a Honey swamp on it. she also wears a yellow skirt, without her clapper board, no one's name can be on the clapper board,

Fay the viperine gorgon fairy

Fay was in Kirsty's Makeup bag when the girls met her. She has long, orange hair. she wears a white dress with a picture of a viperine gorgon on it, without her makeup bag, Makeups will be ruined.


They are helpers of Lola the Fashion show fairy Because of their objects.

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