India: You’re right Jade, but where is it coming from?

Polly: I don’t know either, ask  Goldie, India.

Jade: I think is from…

(Goldie thinking)

Goldie and Jade: THE ICE CASTLE??


Goldie: Storm is in there!

Sky: Have you saw her?


Madison: When was Storm last saw?


Ruby:How did it get in the Ice Castle?

Nicole:What did Jack Frost do??

Katie:And Storm became his servant?

Lauren: Really?

Goldie: STOP, STOP, STOOOOP! I can explain what happened as long you don’t keep me trafficking my mind as if you were cars.

Goldie: Ok, this is what happened, so listen very carefully. You all know that Jack Frost has goblins in his castle and they are his servants, right?

ALL: Right.

Goldie: Luckily they always fail when Rachel and Kirsty have a good plan. But this time….

ALL: What happened?

Goldie: After I hid behind a frosty window yesterday, I saw Storm standing up for herself and that was the same day Jack Frost trapped Storm in a cage. He wanted HER to be his servant as his goblins are useless. He wanted her to steal things from us but she didn’t.

Lauren: That story made me a good plan.How about we pass the message all over Fairyland and then go to the Ice Castle to free her.

Jade, India, Polly, Nicole and Madison: Alright!

Goldie, Katie and         Lauren: Let’s go!

(The fairies pass the message all over Fairyland to know that Storm has been kidnapped and is in the Ice Castle)

To be continued....

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