Madison:Oh, my wings feel tired. Nicole: It’s summer, so that means we could get ice-creams from Esme the Ice-cream Fairy.

Jade: That is a good idea. I could easily agree with Madison.

Katie: Yeah. But you have to remember AFTER the Ice-cream we have to rescue Storm, NOW!

Goldie: Ok, let’s do this.

Ruby:I agree. Mostly because there is no time like the present.

(The fairies eat Ice-cream)

Sky: Um… girls, I think we need to rescue Storm, remember?

Lauren: Ok, let’s reunite all the fairies in here.Madison, you do the Showtime Fairies and the Popstar Fairies.Ruby and Sky for the Rainbow Fairies and the Party Fairies. Polly, you will do the Fashion Fairies and the Princess Fairies.

Jade, you will do the Green Fairies, the Dance  Fairies and the Magical Animal Fairies.

Goldie, you will do the Weather Fairies, the Jewel Fairies, the Fun Day Fairies and the Petal Fairies.

Katie and me are reuniting the Sporty Fairies, Special Fairies, the Music Fairies, the Sweets Fairies and everyone else who lives here in Fairyland ok?

Polly: Are we doing it NOW?

Lauren:Yep and time is starting to tick.

(All the fairies are reunited.Lauren and Goldie make the speech)

Goldie: Today, right now and right here, we are going to rescue Storm the Lightning Fairy.This is a land where everyone has freedom to have fun, do something they like and be free.

Lauren: Please get your food and  warm clothes because we are going to the Ice Castle in 4 bells. In 3 bells you MUST come back to the spot where our speech is made.And get ready to fly! GO!

(All of the fairies get their food and warm clothes)

(Lauren rings the 3rd bell)

Ruby,India,Jade,Katie,Sky,Goldie,Lauren,Nicole and Madison: Ready, Set ,Fly!

(The fairies fly to the Ice Castle)

To be continued…

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