Gidget is a Holiday special Fairy.


Gidget has light skin. long, Blonde hair held back by a Tiara. she wears a Pink dress with pink Jewels decorated on it. Pink Glass Slippers. She wears Moonstone earrings. Lots of Bracelets and a Sparkly necklace. her wings are Pointy and Pink tinted.

Symbol: Tiaras

Magical objects/job:Edit

1: The Tiara Makes sure that the Princesses' outfits (Tiaras) are not ruined.

2: The Music Box Makes sure that Enchanted Balls goes well.

3: The Magic Diamond Makes Sure that Princesses live a Happy life.


Her helpers are The Princess Fairies.

She is Cousin with The Princess Animals Fairies.
Princess fairy

Gidget the Princess Fairy

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