One day, Ruby went into the Kitchen, She looked in the fridge, there's a bottle of Milk. Ruby shaked the milk, "There's a lots of Milk left!" she said, "But I think I should go out. just for fun." she thought, she just went out- all by herself.

She looked up. there's lots of Fairies playing "go ahead!" games. Ruby wants to join in, too! so she went to Elisa who is buying the tickets.

"Hello, Ruby." said Elisa. "Would you like to try some "go ahead" games?"

"yes. please," said Ruby. "there's your ticket."

"Thank you." said Elisa. "Maddie is busy helping the girls. so you have to go to Tiana."

Ruby went to Tiana. Tiana was standing behind some stuffies to give out. "Hello." said Tiana. "I'll show you how to play this game. First we have to try and knock down all the cans. then go running down the path. then go to the ferris wheel. then ride a horse. and kick a soccer ball. then put on the skating shoes and skate. then throw a Netball into a basket. then swin all the way to the end. do tennis but hit the ball onto the other side. then do a Gym and end up with a car race."

So. there's Ruby's move:

1: She knocked down all the cans.

2: She run very fast.

3: She was the first people to get down the Ferris wheel.

4: Ruby's horse ran very fast.

5: She kick the Soccer ball into the goal.

6: She skated very fast.

7: She did throw the netball into the busket.

8: She swimed very fast.

9: She did win the tennis round.

10: she hula-hooped to the end.


"Well done, Ruby!" said Maddie. "you can earn a badge and a prize!"

all the fairies cheered. Ruby won a gold badge. a stuffie and some blocks.

"Well done, Ruby!" said Mia. Ruby smiled, she won the "go ahead!" games and broke the record!


Ruby the Red Fairy

Tiana the Toy Fairy

Maddie the Playtime Fairy

Elisa the Adventure Fairy

Mia the Bridesmaid Fairy

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