In this story. Jack Frost has ruined Hannah's party.


It was almost Hannah's birthday party. and she was getting ready. there's something that Hannah did to create her party:

1: She bake a cake with all type of fruits on it.

2: She put some music on.

3: She did some glitter art works.

4: She buy some sweets: lollipops, ice cream sundaes, cupcakes, chocolates, cookies, candyfloss (40) and some more birthday cakes,

5: She borght a rule for party games.

6: She got some party dress for her guests.

7: she got some presents for her friends.

Hannah started tidy up her room. at last she was done. ding-dong! it's Hannah's first guest! who was it? Hannah slowly opened the door.

it's Belle, Cherry, Melodie, Grace, Honey, Polly, Phoebe and Jasmine! Hannah was surprised.

'Happy birthday Hannah!' shouted her guests.

work in progress!

Written by Megan maylor

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