This is part of Jacqueline's story from the YouTuber Fairies.

Chapter One Edit

"Oh, wow!" Rachel Walker gazed around with awe, her eyes wide.

"It looks awesome," agreed her best friend Kirsty Tate.

Everywhere the girls looked, there were various gaming free play areas, people in colourful costumes and a rainbow of signs hanging from above. The girls were spending a week of their summer holidays visiting Kirsty's Aunt and Uncle, who lived in America. They had a big surprise -- they had brought tickets to the Euro Expo Convention so the girls could meet their favourite YouTubers, the twinkie girls.

The convention was held for five days at a hotel in the city. Right now, though, Rachel and Kirsty were checking out the merchandise stalls, sifting through the variety of badges, hats, CDs, shirts and books.As they rounded the corner to go into the next aisle, Kirsty gasped and grabbed her friend's shoulder. She silently pointed over to one of the free game areas, where three teenage girls were playing a game, laughing and pushing one another.

Rachel clapped a hand to her mouth in excitement. "It's them!"

They were about to rush towards them, but the girls were ushered away by one of the Euro Expo organizers.

"We might see them later," Rachel assured Kirsty, pulling her towards another stall. "Look, here's a stall dedicated for the twinkie girls."

Kirsty's Aunt had given them spending money, so they brought badges and baseball caps. They passed a group of speakers that were left sitting by the end of the row of stalls. One of them was sparkling brilliantly with gold light and the girls crouched down beside it, pretending to fiddle with their laces in the hopes that passers-by wouldn't notice the sparkles. Then four tiny heads peeped out from behind the speaker.

Seeing the massive crowds, the fairies hid themselves amongst the girls' hair and they scuttled into the nearest toilets. As Kirsty locked the cubicle door, the fairies introduced themselves.

"We're the YouTuber Fairies," said one, who had long blonde hair dip-dyed green and blue, falling in waves past her shoulders. "I'm Jacqueline the Jacksepticeye Fairy, and this is Macie the Markiplier Fairy, Pandora the PewDiePie Fairy and Chami the CinnamonToastKen Fairy."

"Pleased to meet you." Rachel smiled.

"Judging by your names, you look after YouTubers?" Kirsty guessed.

"Correct," Jacqueline answered, but her smile slipped from her face. "We need your help. Will you come to Fairyland with us?"

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