Jacquelyn the Rainbow Cupcake Fairy is the fifth fairy in The Cupcake Flavor Fairies series.


Jacquelyn has light skin and long chocolate brown hair with a fringe and pulled back into a braid. She wears a turquoise blue denim jacket, a rainbow dress with a purple sash, a purple headband with a rainbow flower and white sandals decorated in two rainbow flowers. Her wand releases sparkles shaped like rainbow cupakes with white frosting and rainbow sprinkles, and her wings are diamond-shaped and purple tinted. She has a special rainbow cupcake that helps rainbow cupcakes taste delicious, fluffy and sweet.


  • Jacquelyn's wings have the same shape as Louise the Lily Fairy's wings
  • Jacquelyn's denim jacket is inspired by Treat Heart Pig's jacket from the Nelvana-produced Care Bears series
  • Jacquelyn has the same hair color as Brianne the Prom Decorations Fairy and Claudia the Accessories Fairy

    Jacquelyn the rainbow cupcake fairy