Fan Art!
This article is Fan Art. This means that it was created by fans of Rainbow Magic and it is not officially part of the series.
Jacquelyne the Beauty Makeover Fairy is the fourth fairy of The Prom Night Fairies.
4th prom


Jacquelyne has light skin, freckles on her cheeks and medium-length wavy red hair with a glittery yellow star headband. She wears a sparkly turquoise top with a picture of makeup on it, a yellow short sleeved jacket, purple shorts and yellow pumps with pink and red bows on it. Her wings are round and yellow tinted.

Symbol: Makeup kit

Magic Object/Job

Job: Jacquelyne's job is to make sure that girls put their makeup on their faces and look beautiful and pretty for the prom night.

Magic Object: Makeup kit


  • Jacquelyne's hair color is the same color as Ariel's hair color from The Little Mermaid and Soleil Spacebot's hair color from The Spacebots
  • Jacquelyne's jacket is inspired by Cheer Bear's jacket from The Care Bears Family
  • Jacquelyne has the same wing shape as Florence the Friendship Fairy's wings


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