Justina (original name: Patrice) the Holy African Wild Dog Fairy is the last (seventh) fairy of the White Knight Fairies. She is originally

Justina the Holy African Wild Dog Fairy
Race fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Birthday April 29th
Series White Knight Animals
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) Bianca the holy African wild dog
Symbol(s) African wild dogs

created by AllyTrish34.

Appearance Edit

Justina wears a special African wild dog tiara, a sky blue vest over a sleeveless bright green bare top, a sky blue and bright green skirt, a pair of glittery gold baseball boots, and a pair of pale green pearl earrings. Her hair is chestnut and tied in a side ponytail. Her wings are similar to a dragonfly's and tinted with light gray.

Powers and abilities Edit

  • the seven standard powers of a fairy
  • Making sure that African wild dogs live longer


  • Light of the Holy Dog (convergence with her magic animal)
  • Teleport Frisbee

Trivia Edit

  • Justina's animal's name is Bianca. Bianca means "white". In this case, it's a pun on the name of the holy African wild dog in Animal Kaiser (Shiro), since Shiro translates to "white" as well.
  • Her birthday is the same as the release date of Sander van Doorn, Mako, and DubVision's "Into the Light", without the release date. (White Knights are the opposite of Dark Force.)
  • One of her spell's names, Teleport Frisbee, is a portmanteau of Shiro's Tech (Angel Frisbee) and Power attacks (Teleport Langoo).

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