Kaleah by Amathist1998

Kaleah the Winter Celebrations Fairy with Pola and Destine drawn by Amathist1998.


Destine, Kaleah's magic unicorn.

Kaleah the Winter Celebrations Fairy is the third fairy in the Snow Kingdom Fairies

Appearance Edit

She has African American Skin, Black Curly hair which is similar to Sabrina the Sweet Dreams Fairy's Hair-Do with indigo ear muffs, she wears a dark blue winter dress with a teal hand warmer with purple checkers, White Tights and Turquoise Boots and her wings have indigo tint  The unicorn's appearance  === The unicorn's appearance ===

She has a magic blue unicorn named Destine. She has blue skin, pale blue mane, indigo eyes, and a umbrella cutie mark. Destine owns a silver magic horn which lights up with light blue aura, which let Kaleah, Kirsty, and Rachel find Pola the aqua snowflake spirit.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

1. the seven standard powers of a fairy

2. makes sure that the celebrations and feasts are a big success during winter


  • Her magic unicorn's name is Destine.
  • Her magic fairy dust shape is a firework.
  • Her U.S. name is Wanda the Winter Wonderland Fairy.
  • The goblins put up a trap and Destine fell in it.

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