Karla Is The Seventh Fairy In The Elementeral Fairies


Karla has dark skin with black curly long hair and a fringe she also wears an orange headband with a bow.She wears a lilac tank top with an orange sweatshirt and a necklace with an orange topaz in it,also a jean skirt with pockets and grey leggings underneath.She wears orange high-heels with hot pink trim.Her wings are coral tinted.

Symbol:Half a treble clef

Job:To make sure piano notes go through wellingly

Magic Object:A half key ring


.It seems like she would be cousins or sisters with poppy the piano fairy or just all of the music fairies

.In Camilah The Fifth Harmony Fairy,Camilah mentions that Meigha needs the ring to host the party but in Karla's book Karla hosts it instead

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