katie the hope fairy is the firsŧ fairy in her group vet fairies katie has pale skin and short glossy dark brown fading to black hair pushed back by a pink fading to black fading to orange headband with a red poppy. and wears a orange fading to yellow hoodie over a pinky t shirt with pink leaves and a black fading to pinky skirt with sparkly night black and pretty pink leggings tucked into cosy pink fading to black ballet pumps with bows. her wings are pointy and black, pink and orange tinted. job: to make sure that hoping is not wrong. magical things: shannon the magical black kitten and her magical pink fading to black stone pendant. triva: in the us she`s called harreit the hoping fairy her hair is in pigtails and her wings and her cothles are yellow and she has a yellow cardigan. extras: katie the hope fairy story

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