Lauren Flynn (2nd dimension) is a character appearing in Lauren and Miley: Across the 2nd Dimension.
File:Lauren Flynn (2nd dimension).png


As a member of the Resistance, she has black sleeveless top, trousers, sneakers, hand gloves and hairclip, dark indigo eyeshadow, and a little microphone near her mouth. She has blonde hair like the 1st dimension one, and her wings have black tint. However, she's not evil and also not related to Princess Janice.

Relatives and friendsEdit


  • Miley Fletcher (2nd dimension)
  • Candace Gertrude Flynn (2nd dimension)


  • Lauren Flynn (1st dimension)
  • Miley Fletcher (2nd dimension)
  • Candace Gertrude Flynn (1st dimension)
  • Isabella Garcia-Shapiro (1st and 2nd dimension)


  • Lauren Flynn is actually Lauren the Puppy Fairy.
  • Her cutie mark is black instead of pink.

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