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Leona is the 6th fairy in the Magical Animal Fairies series.

Appearance: Edit

Leona has blonde hair in a ponytail and a star pendant. She wears a light blue shawl over a white top and light blue wide-legged trousers, gold ballet pumps and a gold star-studded belt. Her wings are light blue tinted.

Symbol: Yellow stars.

Job: Training unicorns to make heal properly and no one gets hurt. 

Magic Animal: Twisty the Unicorn. 


  • In the book, the campers horses get spooked by goblins. Rachel's horse gets scared, causing it to run further down the path. Rachel gets thrown over her horse and hurts her wrist, until Twisty appears and magically heals her wrist. Later on in the story, the girls and Leona are searching for Twisty when they meet a boy in the camp clubhouse who grazed his knees on the football field. Twisty also healed the boy. 
  • This paragraph describes how Twisty helped heal two people, which he used his healing powers.
  • This page has to be deleted.

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