This list is filled with allusions found in the Lucid Dream stories.

Allusions Edit

  • FantasTeen: This fan fiction is inspired by the FantasTeen novel of the same name.
  • Shadow Falls series: The fact that Yolanda Schneider, Yolanda's great-grandfather (both shapeshifters), and the entire Verona nuclear family (Donnie, Devin: werewolves; Aprilia, Rocky: chameleons) are supernaturals is a reference to the young adult series Shadow Falls.
    • Additionally, chameleons are an extremely rare breed of supernaturals that can change into any kind of breed in order to adapt to their surroundings. They can only change into a particular breed if they have the DNA. They don't start showing brain patterns until late teens or 20s.
    • Devin has superhearing sense (in his dreamworld), including listening to people's thoughts and ghosts. This may be due to his enhanced senses.
      • Rocky is an anomaly; he already shows brain patterns. He's only six.
  • The names of Devin and Rocky's parents are Donatello/Donnie and Aprilia. This is a reference to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; there's a love triangle consisting of Donatello, April O'Neil, and Casey Jones. On top of this, Rocky's name may be inspired by Rocksteady, aka Ivan Steranko, or Dr. Tyler Rockwell.
    • That way, Tyler Schwarz's name is also inspired by the psychic monkey mutant's name.
    • The reason why Aprilia's name isn't April instead is that there's already a (fanmade) character named April. This is to avoid confusion and duplicate names.
    • Yolanda explicitly mentions how Devin's parents' names are a lot like TMNT.
  • Land Before Time: When Devin Verona is first introduced, it is mentioned that he has brown hair and green eyes which reminds Yolanda of an Antarctosaurus in LBT, it refers to Rhett, a dinosaur with brown hide (darker than Littlefoot's) and green eyes. Coincidentally, there's a minor character in Lucid Dream named Rhett Austin. Also, Rocky, Devin, and Yolanda are seen watching a Land Before Time DVD at one scene.
  • Animal Kaiser Evolution: Yolanda's stuffed alligator, named after her great-grandfather, shares its name with Admiral Eraser, a boss animal in Animal Kaiser Evolution 7.
  • Yolanda is most likely, partially inspired by Ace, because she has blond hair (as opposed to Ace's yellowish mane), blue eyes, and freckles. Also, Rocky mentions Yolanda "committing illegal firearm possession (but never gets caught)" at one point.
  • Monster High: Devin's white-framed owlish glasses are a reference to Ghoulia Yelps'

More to be added...

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