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This article is fanart! This means that it was created by fans of Rainbow Magic and it is not officially part of the series.

The Little Ones Fairies Edit

The Little Ones Fairies make sure little ones are safe and have fun being little. They are also helpers of Jennifer the Babysitter Fairy.

The FairiesEdit

  1. Caddie the Craddle Fairy: Caddie was inside a baby craddle when the girls were putting to sleep Mr and Mrs Twists children and brand new babies, Tracey, Sweetie, Lilly and Sadie. She has pale brown hair in a pony tail and wears a yellow t- shirt, a blue skirt and dark blue trainers. Without her magic blue blanket, craddles will tip over.
  2. Keisha the Newborn Fairy: Keisha was inside a blanket when the girls were on a mad dash to Kirsty`s grandmother and grandfather's house to see their new baby, Poppy. She has dark brown hair and wears a pale brown dress and white boots. Without her magic newborn named Martha, newborns will be ill.
  3. Lala the Baby Fairy: Lala was inside a muddy hole when she was found. She has black hair and wears a brownish red and blueish green dress and white and pink Mary Jane shoes. Without her red magic case, babies will be lost. 
  4. Lilly the Toy Fairy: Lilly was inside a jewellery box when she was set free. She has goldish red and redish gold hair in bunches and wears a purple shirt covered in big black spots and dark blue and sliver and white boots. Without her magic blocks, toys will break. 
  5. Tammy the Toddler Fairy: Tammy met the girls when they were having dinner in a Macdonalds play pit. She has black hair and wears a sliver top and dark blue glittery leggings and sliver cowgirl boots. Without her magic paints, toddlers will be trapped.
  6. Chica the Children Fairy: the girls were at a midnight feast when they met Chica. She has dark brown hair and wears a fire coloured shirt and skirt and sliver and pink boots. Without her magic chocolate, children will be in danger.
  7. Olive the Growing-up Fairy: the girls were at Mr and Mrs Wwist's daughter's and new babies Tracey, Sweetie, Lilly and Sadie's birthdays when they met Olive. She has red hair and wears a green dress with white and blue slippers. Without her magic pink jellybean, babies will not grow up and they will be only one. 


Made by Fairyface


  • They are helpers of Jennifer the Babysitter Fairy
  • Keisha and Lala are sisters
  • Jennifer appears in the first one (Caddie the Craddle Fairy) and the last one (Olive the Growing-up fairy)

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