Lyndsey the Let it Ride Fairy, originally created by AllyTrish34, is a Holiday Special fairy.


Lyndsey has platinum blond hair streaked with purple. She wears a black buttoned studded, collared leather jacket, a pair of purple skinny jeans, and a pair of white knee-high boots. Her wings are blended gray.


  • A motorcycle charm makes sure that the motorcycle revamping runs well.
  • A motorcycle helmet that makes sure the cast gets along and doesn't fight.
  • A golden locket with a picture of four members of the main cast (Zach Ness, Justin Lynch, Cameron Smith, Bryan Simpson) that makes sure the episodes are fun to watch and not boring.


  • This fairy was created by AllyTrish34 because she's a big fan of National Geographic show Let it Ride (aka Born to Ride).

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