Lynette the Lemon-Lime Cupcake Fairy is the sixth fairy in The Cupcake Flavor Fairies series.


Lynette has light skin and long blonde hair with a fringe and pulled back into a ponytail. She wears a yellow and green flower hairclip, a yellow short sleeved jacket, a light yellow dress with a green stripe in the bottom, a green sash and yellow ballet pumps decorated with two green flowers. Her wand releases sparkles shaped like lemon-lime cupcakes with lemon-lime frosting with yellow and green sprinkles and she has a special lemon-lime cupcake that helps lemon-lime cupcakes taste delicious, and her wings are pointy and green tinted.


  • Lynette's jacket is inspired by Cheer Bear's jacket from the Nelvana-produced Care Bears series
  • Lynette's wings have the same shape as Daisy the Festival Fairy's wings, Levine the Banquet Fairy's wings, Brianne the Prom Decoration Fairy's wings and Lynese the Casino Party Fairy's wings.
  • Lynette has the same hair color as Lottie the Lollipop Fairy
  • She is the older sister of the cupcake flavor fairies.
  • She has the same cover as Cherise the Chocolate Cupcake Fairy's

    Lynette the lemon-lime cupcake fairy

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