Trixie and the Halloween Fairies were going Trick-or Treating together. but Trixie didn't care what Halloween means. but her helpers knows. Trixie has a lots of candy. so that she can be a trick a treater!

At the Twilight Fairies' bedroom:Edit

Sabrina was so excited about Halloween. Yasmin and Maisie has been gone for Trick-and Treating same as Trixie and her helpers.

"Time for bed, Twilight Fairies!" said Ava. all the Twilight Fairies went to their bed. and Zara turn the lights off in the Fairyland Palace.

One hour later:Edit

Sabrina heard the doorbell at 12:00 pm, she dashed downstairs and opened the door.

"Trick or Treat!" said Trixie.

"Well..." said Sabrina. "I'll give you some candies." she grab some a some candies for her first Trick or Treater.

"Here's the candies that you want," said Sabrina. "but please just take them and leave, it's 12:00 now. and I need to go back to bed."

'Fine.' replied Trixie. she took the candies from Sabrina and closed the door.

At 3:00 pm:Edit

Sabrina was getting really bored. so she went outside and run for a little while- until she arrived to Honey's cottage.

"Nope. I'm not going inside Honey's sweet cottage... Maybe tomorrow." said Sabrina in a low voice. she ran to Trixie's cottage and sit by the door.

At 5:39 pm:Edit

Sabrina fell asleep in Trixie's pumpkin patch. and she's waiting for long until Trixie arrives.

"Why are you over here?" asked Trixie. "it's cold over there." she packed Sabrina up and took her to the Fairyland palace. Sabrina started dreaming about Halloween.

By Megan Maylor

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