Mack is the first fairy in the Charity Fairies series.


When Rachel and Kirsty were helping, they met Mack at Lily's birthday party in the Hospital. She was hiding at a chocolate cake. Lily was making a wish. But her wish didn't come true because of Jack Frost. Rachel and Kirsty must help Mack get her starburst charm back.

There's a Charity Object in all the Charity Fairies' Books. help the girls find them and save the Hospital Magic! 

Appearance Edit

Mack has curly blonde hair and pale skin. She wears a dark blue dress with a white feather boa, a silver star chain round the waist and silver ballet pumps. Her wings are grey tinted.

Symbol: Silver stars and sparkles.

Magic object/Job:

Object: Starburst charm.

Job: Ensuring childrens' wishes are granted and their special day goes smoothly.

Trivia Edit

  • Mack is short for Mackenzie.