Malina Is The First Fairy In The Dog Fairies(US Title:The Dog Kind Fairies)


Malina has dark skin with black hair in a bob and a frindge she also weres a red bandana with white pokadots in a bow in her hair.She wears a red shirt with a leather jacket and and a white skirt with red and pink ruffles,also red leggings with white and pink stripes.She wears red sandal wedges.Her wings are red tinted.

Symbol:A red claw.

Job:To make sure mix dogs have a safe life.

Magic Object:A mix dog named Mackenzie.


.Malina was going to be named Yae-Mae and she would have been chinease too

.In Malina's book Chica says that Malina is very grouchy after Malina talks about jack frost stealing the dog's and Malina growls

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