Meigha Is The Fourth Fairy In The Elementeral Fairies


Meigha has pale skin with long blonde hair with a fringe and a light blue headband.She wears a black scarf and a light pink shirt with a grey sweatshirt,also a mint green skirt striped with light blue and light pink.She wears mint green ballet shoes with light blue and light pink stripes.Her wings are Light pink tinted.

Symbol:A diamond with light pink,light blue and mint green.

Job:To make lights reflections colours beautiful.

Magic Object:A light crystal ring


.Her name was going to be Maya and its pronounce was May-ah but then they realised that the name Maya was taken by Maya The Harp Fairy so they made her name Meigha

.In Tixie The Arctic Sled Dog Meigha comes back to tell Rachel,Kirsty And Tixie that Jack Frost has Tixie's ring

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