Melinda the Macaron Fairy is the first fairy in The Sweet Treat Fairies.
File:Melinda the Macaron Fairy.PNG


Melinda has a bob of brown hair with a blue baker's hat on top. She wears a white T-shirt under a pink summer dress, brown 3/4 leggings, blue high heels and a white glove on her left hand. Her wings are roughly diamond shaped and have a pink tint around the edges.

Powers and abiitiesEdit

  • The seven standard powers of a fairy
  • Makes sure all macaroons are sweet and fluffy


  • She has little macaroon symbols shooting out from her pink-and-white wand
  • Melinda's outfit design was based on that of Strawberry Shortcake's
  • She lost her other white glove
  • Is friends with the baking fairies
    Melinda the Macaron Fairy

    Melinda. the 1st fairy in the Sweet treats Fairies

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