Mischa the forest fairy is a special fairy,


Mischa has long, black hair with a green hat on top. she wears a red jacket over a brown mini dress with yellow polka dots on it. she wears orange leggings and rainbow-coloured shoes,

She wears green earrings and a tree necklace, and her wings are brown tinted,

Symbol: Trees

Magical objects/jobEdit

1: The magic dust makes sure trees glow well,

2: the tree picture makes sure that trees are not chopped down,

3: the magic seed makes sure that forests are clean,

Spell: Kamehaneha

Jack Frost's Poem:Edit

The fairies are planning for a forest party,

But me. Jack Frost, are not invited!

A magic dust, a tree picture, and a magic seed,

I'll hid them in the human world!

Mischa's objects belongs to me.

She'll be defeated by me!

I'll chop all the forests excpet my party,

The forest party will be ruined!

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